Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm back from Vacation

Can you guess where we went?

EDITED:  We are at Saugatuck Dunes State Park  on beautiful Lake Michigan on the Michigan side!!  We had to walk a little bit to get there, and we had the beach to ourselves for a while before anyone else made it down that morning!!!


  1. The Pretty pic. Hope it was a fun trip. Stacy H-W

  2. It looks like one of the Great Lakes to me...but that's because I live in Michigan and all our vacations are always to one of the Great Lakes.

    Props to you for the new blog design. Isn't it fun. I played with this same design before I went with the new one. I think we might have similar taste.

  3. thats a tough guess I will say a one of the lakes, to calm to be a beach. hope you had a great time, welcome home.

  4. I have no clue where you went - but it looks nice!! :D

  5. somewhere beachy! I hope you got the box I sent! :)


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