Monday, November 14, 2011

Basket Making

I am on the left.

So, I spent the day Sunday making a basket with my twin sister, my mother in law, 2 sisters-in-laws, a niece, an aunt and uncle, and several other people.  The teachers are such a lovely couple.  They have a log cabin on their beautiful place, and they teach the classes there.  Joe also makes gorgeous carvings and also turns on the lathe (Steve and he compare notes from time to time.) Alice also turns pottery. They are so creative and so nice.  Anyway, this year we made a 2 pie basket.  Since I've been married to Steve, I have made 8 baskets.  I think this one is my very favorite!  My colored weavers are dyed from walnut and swamp oak trees. I wanted to go with natural colors this year!  This may be the last year that this couple teaches. I'm so fortunate to have been able to do so many baskets with them!

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  1. I have always wanted to learn that craft!! Your baasket is GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. This is really wondeful Kelly!! And how great to get to do it with all your family. Kind of like in old times when they used to get together and quilt or build a barn. I'm not sure that sounds right but you know what I mean. ha

  3. What fabulous baskets, Kelly!! This is something I've never tried, and I love how yours turned out!!

  4. It is a lot of work but fun!!
    kelly's twin

  5. How cool. I'm just catching up. You have been very busy.


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