Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bass Guitar--Hand Made by Steve and Mitch

Here is a layout I made out of Little Yellow Bicycle's Generation Z.  It definitely tells a story!  It shows my teenage son, Mitch, making his very own bass guitar with his Dad. I hung the banner/chipboard elements from a real guitar string.   I used black and white photos because I thought the Christmas colors in the last photo would clash with the cool colors of the Generation Z paper!


  1. What a wonderful project for father and son that will can be treasured for a lifetime! And fantastic that you documented it. I really like the photos in B&W and think its so fun that you used a real guitar string with your embellishments!! :>

  2. This is really a fantastic layout. You really did an awesome job of making a great masculine design...something I find really difficult to do...but you really pulled it off and with awesome style.

  3. Great layout!! The pictures are superb! I really like the pinwheel flowers on the post below. I have not attempted those yet :)


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