Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome Home New Baby

THE STORY:  the boys (my husband and son) had been begging for a dog ever since we moved into our new house.  The idea was that he wouldn't have to be left alone for long hours since we'd be so much closer to my husband's work, and he works from home often. Well, I kept saying "NO!" since I'm allergic. Steve (my husband) had been stalking Craig's list and the Humane Society and saw our Charlie's photo the second it was posted.  Well, I took one look at this little puppy's photo, and he was in our car one-half hour later--and he lived in the next town over....!!!!  Even though I do have the allergy problem, it is kinda worth it! He's such a sweetie (to us)!  Charlie has worked his way into all of our hearts, and we can't imagine life without him now!  I made it for the PageMaps challenge. Here's the sketch!


  1. OMYGOSH!! He is sooooooooooooo adorable!!! I love love love your lo!! LOVING the colors and the little house!!!

  2. He's so adorable! Thanks for visiting me :) love all the little elements in your LO

  3. I completely understand the dog pressure. I gave in 8 years ago for my son's 12 birthday. Now he is away at school and I have a dog, but life wouldn't be the same without Joey.

    Charlie is just so adorable. Great job on the page you made for him.

  4. That Charlie is really such a sweetie pie!! SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! How you you not rush to get him?! Your layout is precious and perfect for that photo.


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