Saturday, September 24, 2011

Steve's Work May be Featured in Haylee's Treasure -- but only if the author can raise the money to publish it

Dymalux Americana Kaleidoscope

How many of you would like to be a part of history???? Well, the history of the making of a book anyway...  A very sweet lady contacted my husband, Steve, a while back about the idea of featuring one of his kaleidoscopes in a book she wrote about a girl who goes to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to visit her grandparents. There she finds all kinds of interesting things/treasures, including a kaleidoscope!  Anyway, this nice lady has run into some funding issues.  She needs to raise $5,100 in a hurry in order to have her wonderful book published! I know it is wonderful because I had the opportunity to read it in a draft form!! I sure hope it gets published.  If you donate $75, you will help her and also receive one of Steve's mini kaleidoscopes!  They are so much fun!!!  She will take donations in smaller amounts, of course, even $1!


Go here to find out more!


  1. That is AWESOME!! I hope she can raise the funds! I wish I could help right now... but Brookie's birthday party is next weekend and we are saving our $$$ for that right now.. you know how expensive those are :( I wish her the best of luck! It sounds GREAT! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Your DH's wood working is AMAZING!! I just went with a friend to a kaleidoscope quilt show and got to see some amazing quilts and kaleidoscopes. That would be so cool to be published! ~ Blessings


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